Special Edition (SE) Pontiac Trans Am


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One of the hottest collector cars on the market today, not many of these Special Edition T/As were created to begin with and unfortunately....too few have survived intact.


This is a genuine PHS (Pontiac Historic Services) documented "Smokey and the Bandit" Edition 1977 Trans Am.







One of the most famous muscle cars in history

the 1977 Special Edition

Pontiac Trans Am

commonly referred to as the

"Smokey and The Bandit" car

The movie turned this Special Edition black and gold Trans Am into one of the most popular and best known muscle cars of all time.

Many who were in their teens or early 20's when this car hit the streets have come to a place in their lives now, these many years later, where they can get what they want.


And wanted.


.....some so desperately back in the 70's.






As the collectors, restorers, T/A afficianados will already know, technically, there was no "Smokey and The Bandit Edition Trans Am" as Pontiac never actually released one.

Much like the "chicken and the egg" thing.....in this case the chicken came first.

A few of these 1977 black and gold Special Edition cars were used in the Burt Reynold's movie which led the Edition to become known as the

"Smokey and The Bandit Car"


Imitations and confusion are common.

Very very common.

The car you see here is not a reproduction car.

Its a genuine Special Edition Trans Am.

Visit my page to find websites that reveal how often regular T/As are passed off as Special Editions and also a wealth of technical and historical information on Trans Am, there are some amazing T/A websites on the internet.



You've seen the movie, you know the car is legendary or you wouldn't be here.

"Legendary" also, perhaps??!?......a few of those memories this car can cause to stir within your mind???? for what may be the first time in nearly 3 decades??!?


Like the symbol for theatre

life is joy and pain

and the past, recollection of such can be vivid,

and can be an intense experience.


This car will make you feel something



No aftermarket parts, no "beefed up" engine, no new stereo and subwoofers and NO antenna ball.

Just to sit in it and feel the power of the engine, to hear its healty growl and the still familiar sound of an 8 track tape clicking over and to take in the gold and black of the Special Edition package is to go on a "Journey" back in time to when Pontiac rocked the automotive world with a bold looking beautiful car.....













People "beat the heck" out of these cars.

The vast majority of these Black and Gold SE T/As were nowhere near treated as this one was and as other Limited Edition vehicles were (and are).

Black and Gold '77 SE Trans Ams occupied an odd kind of "niche" and it wasn't a "healthy" place for them in that, because of the Bandit film, many were purchased by people who didn't treat them as any other limited edition car would have been treated.....garaged and preserved, that is.

Bandit T/As, to a very large extent, found a fate that was just the opposite and quite a few also were turned into race cars.

The 1977 Special Edition Trans Am "Bandit" was a car desired by people who enjoyed life in the fast lane.

Nights of hard partying got them banged up or trashed, they were kicked, sometimes abandoned in bar parking lots with their tops down.......and thats just the people that drove or rode around in the cars that I'm talking about!

Imagine what the Bandit cars themselves were put through!!

Too many of these Special Edition '77 T/As, the "authentic" "Bandit Trans Ams".... being that '77 was when the movie came out, didn't survive to "see" this new millineum let alone to here.....more than 8 years into it.




Its a jewel. Its part of our history.

As car lovers and as a generation.





























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