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Bandit Trans Am History

24th Annual Trans Am Nationals (Aug. 22-24 2008, Dayton OH)

The Trans Am Series (races)

The National Firebird & Trans Am Club

Video:2008 Bandit Run




First Annual Trans Am raffle

to benefit St. John's Home in Michigan.

You could win A Frame Off restored

1979 Y84 Special Edition Trans Am!!

limited to 1000 entrants, just $50!!

Trans Am 1977, an English & German language webpage

Hoghead's Special Edition Trans Am Attitude Page

Gary Lisk's Pontiac Trans Am Source Page


Trans Am Specialties of Florida is unleashing a new series of Special Edition T/As!!

380hp, 450 hp and 550hp!!


Year One is transforming a number of 77-81 TAs into Super TAs.

heres an article about the Year One cars:


Kevin Morgan is petitioning GM to put out a new Trans Am. For details click this banner:

German language discussion forum:


German Language: Bandit-Online


The Pontiac Trans Am Page

Pontiac Power '77 Trans Am

Todd and Jill's 1977 Bandit Trans Am Page

Popular Hotrodding '77 Trans Am '77 Bandit Trans Am



1969 Trans Am fact and fiction page

1970-1973 Trans Am

German language Trans Am site:

Belgian Trans Am site: De Pontiac Trans-am Firebird derde generatie

Trans Am Tech

Marshu Car Collection



Tools and Hummer H2, H3, SUT parts: